How much money do makeup artists make a year

Do makeup artists make good money?

How much do makeup artists make? When looking at the national average salary for a position, it is important to consider both the average salary and salary range. The national average salary for a makeup artist in the United States is $31.44 per hour with a salary range between $7.25 and $94.45 per hour.

How much on average does a makeup artist make?

The Esthetic Institute Training Center

Wages* Low (5th percentile) Average
Starting $10.67 $21.54
Overall $10.67 $24.15
Top $10.67 $26.34

How much do celebrity makeup artists make a year?

Makeup Artist TOP DOLLAR $124,000 for a big-budget studio film — per guild rules — although star artists can negotiate more. MIDDLE DOLLAR More typically, artists make $47.60 an hour, or about $75,000 a year.

Who is the highest paid makeup artist?

Sam Fine, for instance, one of the highest paid makeup artists today, commands more than $3,500 a day for his services – and that’s before travel and overtime allowances. He has beautified such famous faces as Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Iman.

Is being a makeup artist a good career?

Every makeup artist has to eat! If you’re thinking of becoming a makeup artist, you’re probably looking for a makeup career with a decent salary outlook so you can make a livable wage. But makeup artistry is a very broad field, and certain careers within the makeup industry will definitely be higher-paying than others.

How do I start a career in makeup?

How to become a celebrity makeup artistEnroll on a makeup course. monikablunder. Look to retail jobs to learn about makeup. Look to retail and in-store makeup counters to get some hands-on experience. Assist as much as possible. Stock up with your favorite high-street brands: Stay professional. Do your research. Always ask permission and respect privacy.

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Who is the most popular makeup artist?

7 Famous Makeup Artists You Should Follow on Social MediaMakeup Artist #1: Bobbi Brown. Makeup Artist #2: Richard Taylor. Makeup Artist #3: Mario Dedivanovic. Makeup Artist #4: Pat McGrath. Makeup Artist #5: Nam Vo. Makeup Artist #6: Violette. Makeup Artist #7: Charlotte Tilbury.

What are the pros and cons of being a makeup artist?

Pros & Cons: Quit Your Day Job to Be a Makeup ArtistPRO. You get to pursue your passion full-time. This is a major push for many emerging makeup artists. CON. Building your brand can take time. Yes, this can be a burden for any new business. PRO. More practice = more credibility. CON. Uncertain budget. PRO. Flexible scheduling. CON. Random work hours.

How many hours do makeup artists work?

On a film or modeling set, a makeup artist may spend six to eight hours doing makeup for the day. For an individual client appointment, the time span may be an hour to three hours. If a makeup artist is working for a bridal party, then he or she may spend the entire day working with clients.

Who is the richest makeup YouTuber?

10 Richest Beauty Gurus Of 20191 Kylie Jenner – $1 Billion.2 Hudda Kattan – $610 Million. 3 Rihanna – $600 Million. 4 Jeffree Star – $50 Million. 5 James Charles – $12 Million. 6 Nikkie de Jager – $6 Million. 7 Amanda Steele – $1.5 Million. 8 Lauren Curtis – $1.4 Million.

What is the highest paying job in the beauty industry?

11 Best High-Paying Jobs in The Beauty IndustryPrivate Cosmetic Dentist. Beautician or Cosmetologist. Modeling. Esthetician. Image Consultant/ Stylist. Tattoo Artist. Tattoo Artist Salary range: $35,109 -$64,803. Beauty Therapist. Beauty Therapist Salary range: $17,500-$105,500. Makeup Artist. Makeup Artist Salary range: $16,500-$99,000.

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Who is the highest paid makeup YouTuber?

James Charles is the richest influencer in the beauty-sphere making an estimate of $71,773 per post on YouTube and $34,713 per Instagram post. The 20-year-old has over 16 million followers and owns his own collection in Sephora. Even Jeffree Star is a huge fan of James.

Who is the richest beauty influencer?

James Charles

Who is the most popular makeup artist on YouTube?

We ranked the top consistently active makeup and beauty channels, based off their subscriber count and collected the data using Social Blade and YouTube.Manny MUA – 4.8 million subscribers. Manny Gutierrez Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty. The Beauty Bybel – 6.1 million subscribers. glamlifeguru – 9.8 million subscribers.

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