Where to buy makeup geek in store

Where is makeup geek located?

Founded by Marlena Stell in 2008, Makeup Geek has two office locations: Jackson, Michigan and Sacramento, California. The business is also globally available via the internet by accessing www.makeupgeek.com.

Where can you buy makeup geek eyeshadows?

Amazon.com: Makeup Geek Eyeshadow.

Is Makeup Geek a good brand?

Makeup Geek is an awesome makeup brand that sells great quality products, comparible to MAC-but without the hefty pricetag!

Why did makeup geek rebrand?

As Marlena, founder of Makeup Geek, explains in her Tweet above, the idea behind the rebrand was to create a system of single shadows that can be your staples, those shadows you hit pan on and finish. I have a few of those from their original round pans too.

Who is the owner of Makeup Geek?

Marlena Stell

Are makeup geek eyeshadows good?

I love makeup geeks single eye shadow pods. I love to fill my z palette with the colors I want and make geeks eye shadows apply easy and show up good. Very soft, blendable eyeshadows. Colour pay off is very good, they are very pigmented and vibrant.

Are makeup geek eyeshadows vegan?

ALL Makeup Geek products are cruelty free as we do not test on animals. MOST of our products are vegan. Our products that are not considered vegan may contain animal byproducts (milk, lanolin, carmine, honey or royal jelly).

Is Makeupgeek gluten free?

We are excited to announce that all Makeup Geek products are in fact Gluten Free.

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